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We will win (Robotech)

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Paroles We will win (Robotech)

Life is only what we choose to make it.
Let's just take it,
Let us be free.
We can find the glory we all dream of.
And with our love, we can win.

(Refrain) Still, we must fight or face defeat.
We must stand tall and not retreat.
With our strength we'll find the might.
There's no fight we can't fight together,
All together,
We can win.

Blessed with strong hearts that beat as one,
Watch us soar.
And with love that conquers all
We'll win this battle, this last battle.
We will win... We must win...
We will win... We can win...
We can win...

As the battle goes on we feel stronger.
How much longer
Must this go on?
Each and every day we dream of winning
and beginning a new life.


Commentaires (2)

  1. k-lin527
    Le 11 février 2024 à 18 h 05 min

    Chouette chanson mais je préfÚre la version de Lancer

  2. Rick Hunter
    Le 28 septembre 2019 Ă  22 h 22 min

    Fedaykins 1991 WE WILL WIN !

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